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  Keep Thinking We'll Click Into Place
Posted by: EastMidsBaggie - 03-02-2019, 10:26 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (8)

We thought that we were on a learning curve at the start of the season as we were so poor away from home with the three at the back just dire and making ordinary opposition look like Man City at times. The home form was good after the opening Bolton no show.
To be fair BD changed the away tactics and we have looked pretty solid after the Wigan debacle in October and the results have been exceptional (though rarely exciting).
But during the 'switch' period something has happened drastically to our home form; the home form that has cost us any chance of automatic. Since the thrashing by Derby, we have managed just TWO WINS in TEN games (drawing six; losing two) and dropping an amazing 18 points. Even then we were very fortunate with the controversial late savers against Vile and Forest after poor performances.  
Most of our exciting fixtures are now over and we have a pretty mundane run in for the remaining 11 matches where we only have the play offs to aim for. Fortunately, we do a bit of a gap but many have games in hand. 
Could still be an incredibly memorable season if got to Wembley and won it there but you just know we would most likely fall in the semi's to the late surging 'form' team of the moment - it's the Albion way.
Still think this squad is incredibly under achieving; certainly should be much better than winning just 17 games out of the first 35 and conceding 47 goals.
We need to stick with BD and see how the season pans out but can't help having that nagging thought about what another manager/coach could achieve with our players ?
I maintain that, with the risk adverse dour way the Club is run with as little investment as possible, this season is our REAL chance of getting back up; imagine the Jenkins cost cutting if we fail !!!

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  Knife crime and stabbings
Posted by: baggiebloke - 03-02-2019, 10:18 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (9)

Of increasing concern.


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Video Ipswich . Swansea . Brentford
Posted by: baggiebloke - 03-02-2019, 10:05 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (11)

An opportunity to get back on track.

Six points to restore home confidence and a party in the capital.

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  This Season/Lengthy First Post
Posted by: Russbaggie03 - 03-02-2019, 09:56 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (12)

Morning All, after being a regular checker of this board i thought i would have my say! Up until my kids came along (10 years ago) i was a home and away season ticket holder for 15 years. The last 9 years for various reasons i have chosen my games to go to but this season saw myself, my father and my two kids return as season ticket holders. The Pulis era and last few years sucked the life out of me/many of us of course. 

I have to say it has been a great first season for my 2 kids (9 and 6 and i feel particularly blessed as my 6 year fully recovered from Leukaemia and is loving being a junior baggie!).

For me Big Dave has to be applauded to bringing back and instilling some unity, harmony and team spirit (let's not forget the team celebrations in the last minute v QPR). It clearly is not just about unity/harmony though and this 4-3-3, shoe horning players in to the team is becoming painful to watch. Last night i went into the game confident but as soon as i saw Gibbs and Phillips were out i feared the worse, that completely takes out some of our only pace/wide creativity in the side. This persistence playing Gayle out wide is truly unreal. We have managed to win 8/10 away games with this formation when being allowed to dictate/stay in games but when teams play with a high intensity we simply cannot compete in midfield and waste having 3 attackers up front not being in the game. How/why there hasn't been any willingness to flex the formation depending on the opponent is baffling. Personally i don't necessarily blame individuals as most of our senior pro's come from a background of playing in a strong/steady build up style of play. So often Livermore, Barry, Harper find themselves with 2-3 players buzzing around them and they don't have the pace (Harper is the exception but at this stage he is still only "potential" as doesn't have a final ball/isn't a natural clinical passer/finisher, i am hoping he can improve and does become a top player). 

Over the weeks and. last night i certainly think we should have packed the midfield and only played one striker up top. Something certainly needs to be changed, and i still think we could win 3 of our next 4. I have been thinking play offs for weeks now (and certainly since the boro defeat) and we need to find some confidence to end the season well. Whilst the play offs are a lottery if we get our best side out structured well why can't we still win it!? Big Dave over the last few weeks has mentioned the fans many times and this 100% has played a part in the home versus away form and if the fans continue to "expect" to win/the atmosphere becomes more toxic we simply will not succeed. We need to stay united to remain any chance. Let's hope Dave sees this and we can still get there as this is the season we do need to get back up (but still will then need a massive rebuild job, but far easier if keep the finances in place)!

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  Brentford Tickets
Posted by: baggiebloke - 03-02-2019, 09:36 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (2)

Assuming we've sold out now.

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  The Genial Giant and his 'Apless Apprentice.....
Posted by: ferencpuskas - 03-02-2019, 09:20 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - No Replies

do it again (or don't) actually. Super strikers out on the wing, defenders who can't, and poor substitutions, who made not a scrap of difference, including one who has hardly kicked a ball for a couple of seasons, against a rampant, up for it, hard-running Leeds backed by a capacity crowd !   How did it start ?   Baggies kick off, two touches by us, the first knocked it 30 yards back, the second lamped  60 yards forward to their defender's head,  Leeds third and fourth found a Leeds bloke unmarked on the edge of the box, who was allowed all the tlme in the world, to bring the ball down, pick his spot and leave the keeper groping in mid-air!                                            How long Jonesy ? 18 'kin seconds Gaffer! Oh!  Top two ? I don't think so. With the current set-up Top 6 possibly!

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  What's gone so wrong?
Posted by: Birdman1811 - 03-02-2019, 09:13 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (33)

So last night was a complete and utter disaster, but that has been coming for a while now.

What worries me is the fact that it's very, very basic stuff that's going wrong. People are doing the usual of blaming the formation and such, however there is a little more to it than that.

4-3-3 is one of the best formations in modern football for a reason, a solid defensive base, numbers in attack and a fluid set up allowing players to cover ground to fill holes without pulling the team out of shape. The problem is that it requires a few things. Mobile, skilled full backs on both sides, with Holgate and Gibbs we are fine, not with Tosin in one of those positions. a midfield of 3 players, of which one can be immobile but needs a very good range of passing or physicality, Barry, Livermore or Field can do that. 2 energetic box to box players, comfortable in and out of possession in all three thirds of the pitch. Johanson has shown at Fulham he can do that, Harper potentially can do it, Morrison can as can Phillips strangely enough, though I was surprised by the way he adapted so well to that earlier in the season. In attack at least one needs to be prepared to do a lot of running to link the midfield up and the wide areas, 2 preferably, but if the midfield and full backs are good enough, you can have an almost traditional partnership with one other doing the donkey work, Rodriguez, Gayle and HRK should therefore be fine. 

Problem is we don't play like that, our midfield is far too static and lacking energy or drive. Gayle wanders too far wide since no one is going there from midfield and last night Tosin wasn't getting up the pitch at all. This is stuff people managing Sunday League clubs should know, it worries me our trained and experienced coaches don't seem able to see it. We can't have Barry and Livermore in midfield together in a 3, especially when Livermore is so out of form and shape. Harper looks shell shocked, as the only midfielder running it's no surprise. Gayle is wasted having to drift out wide, and Rodriguez has to come so deep for the ball he may as well play in midfield. HRK has to do all the donkey work but he has no one to then pass it to in a better position, so fair play to him, has to draw a foul and does so.  Basic stuff that anyone can see. Moore and Jones for some reason can't see it, or think it will miraculously change. 

As for the subs last night. Wow. Just.... Wow. Incompetence bordering on negligence. Taking off our one mobile midfielder for Mozza was fine, though a little late. The only attacker looking likely to do anything, swapped for a wide player who is so unpredictable he doesn't know what he's doing half the time. And of course, Barry, looking likely to be sent off, replaced with Field when we needed energy and drive, at that point we'd have been better going for broke and throwing Murphy on and lumping long balls into the wide channels. All later than needed, all thrown on with no real plan it seems. At half time Livermore or Barry should have been off for Morrison, and we'd have looked better, I'm 90% certain of that, and at 2-0 down you can come back. 

I'm not saying Moore out, he still deserves some time, but there are concerns and he needs to address them. I don't care what he said after the game, all managers just say random stuff after the game, rarely is it even close to what they really think or said to the players. If we end the season like this, then I may be more open to changing the manager, this is basic stuff, Sunday League level stuff.

Play offs at best this season, and I can't see us winning them.

And finally, neither Hegazi or Dawson are ball playing defenders, I get wanting to play it from the back when we can, and at times it's perfectly fine, but if they aren't sure, there is nothing wrong with a clearance out wide and long. Nothing.

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Posted by: cornishbaggie - 03-02-2019, 08:09 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (2)

A week v two days, that particular theory was well and truly put to bed last night.

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  Best squad in the division
Posted by: aj21 - 03-02-2019, 07:34 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - Replies (24)

Why the fuck does this line keep getting pedalled out? 

Best squad? So where are all the left and right backs that we needed all season...we didn’t have a right back for the first half of the season and with Gibbs injured we have no left back bar Townsend who is clearly a league one player and cost buttons.

We have some really good players but that Leeds team is full of young quick hungry players, just because you lot who pedal this best squad haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean that they aren’t better.

Why is our squad the best? Barry has become a pivotal player, he’s 38 and the last two games have showed up his lack of pace, no one expected us to have to rely on him this season. 

So many of you call HRK shit - why has he had to play such a major role if we have the best squad in the division.

Our scouting network has cleary disappeared, Pulis never signed foreign players and all our signings have been from the UK, Norwich and Leeds have both picked up quality players from across Europe. I said at the start of the season our squad is OAPs, kids and loans - it’s not easy to make that work

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  The team moore picked was wrong in every way
Posted by: moley63 - 03-02-2019, 07:19 AM - Forum: WBAUnofficial - No Replies

where do you start  forwards in wrong positions ..powder puff midfield ..defence picked tosin just a kid for such an important game. he has the best squad of players in the league and messed up ...ruined our weekend big dave ....you must sit and think it out properly bud or you will be out of a job I'm afraid

ps ..he is not ready for the prem and nor is this team

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