All leagues below National league cancelled
and results expunged
Getting a bad feeling we're gonna get fucked over.
(03-26-2020, 03:58 PM)Big Daddy Cool Wrote: Getting a bad feeling we're gonna get fucked over.
The cost of challenging this would be huge. 
To be honest, I'll be glad of a normal world and this shite has put it in perspective, with Albion's plight in the Prem or otherwise.
I'd planned my monthly few pints in Brum with a mate for this weekend, when we last went out.
God knows when we'll have a pint in a pub again.
It does set a worrying precedent, but the money involved higher up in the Pyramid makes it a different ball game (so to speak).
Completely different - I can see the worst case scenario is the 2 up, none down one. I'd prefer to see the 3 up, 3 down and no play offs approach but I'm guessing we won't know anything for at least another month before they make a decision.
this is absolutely ridiculous
I feel for Halesowen Town. On the cusp of a memorable season, and this shit lands.
Just being back at The Hawthorns watching us play football again will feel every bit as good as getting promotion for me.
Never understand how people like 2 clubs ...hopefully they will come up next season
To be honest I’m Albion though and though, but in these trying times I for one could not give a fuck which Division we end up in. For I will be glad when we’re back watching our beloved Albion, because then we will know that this virus is over and we are getting back to normality.

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