F*** !
Good job he doesn't frequent some of the boozers I do...


And he's half Havers, half Skinner!
If he bought all the pubs near me he'd be bankrupt in a week.
Forgive me for being cynical, but I imagine if he's been working in the pub trade for decades he would accept swearing. He might not like it, but he'd put up with it. After all, he would end up shutting down every pub his company owns.

Added to that, the landlord has done an interview that says he's now homeless and laying into the company. From that, we can assume he's either stupid or no longer has any ties to the company. I suspect something else happened, otherwise he would have notice to stay in his flat at least temporarily and would be looking for another pub.

They certainly wouldn't bother to go to the expense of moving the money out that night because he heard someone swearing - unless there was a breakdown in trust with the landlord. for other reasons

I'm betting this pub will re-open with another landlord in the near future.
What a cunt

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