First away game on your own...
#1 of my lads (16 years old) is going to Derby with his mates. It will be his first away game on his own without his old man.....takes me back to my first away without my dad Hull City about 1986.

He cor wait the little tinker!
Sunderland away in the FA Cup when Roberts tore them apart, I’m sure Manc will remember but I think we were one of the final nails in Peter Reid’s coffin that day!
Blackpool ,Willie Johnstone scored the only goal and i think it won goal of season on star soccer .
Derby, Littlewoods (possibly Rumbelows?) League cup QF 1989
Vile 74 we won 3 1, I was 14
The Battle of Bramall Lane was my first away game.

Haven’t seen anything like it since.
The much mentioned, of late, Batson back pass at Villa Park game. Need I remind you it was 1981!
(04-24-2019, 05:47 PM)4-hero Wrote: Derby, Littlewoods (possibly Rumbelows?) League cup QF 1989

It was a bit tasty before and after the game, took loads that night!
Swansea at the retch 1982-83. Went with a couple of my Jack supporting mates from school.
Dreaming of sunlit uplands.
Villa away. 1-3 Statham pen.

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