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Just in from my Energy buyer:

  • Global gas demand still exceeds current supply capacity.
  • China has a higher gas dependency than ever before due to is gradual switch from coal.  With rolling power outages across China their energy procurement authorities have allegedly been instructed to ensure reserves (primarily LNG from the Gulf) whatever the cost.  Their current plight has also been exacerbated by the early onset of significant levels of snow (averaging 20 inches) and a fall in temperatures of 14 degrees in the North East of the country.
  • Russia has Nordstream2 (a second Baltic pipeline between Russian and Germany) completed and commissioned however little else has changed:
    • Russia is looking to divert gas supplies to Nordstream2 and reduce those supplied via Ukraine and Poland in future years to avoid their transit commissions.
    • The EU is under pressure from the Ukraine, Poland and the US who claim that the future diversion of gas transit will weaken the economies (and security) of Ukraine and Poland and have stalled the approval of supplies via Nordstream2.
    • Following the German elections the Green Party who hold vital coalition seats in the new Parliament have declared that the pipeline should not be opened due to environmental concerns
    • Poland may also be raising objections with the EU as increased gas imports would significantly damage their substantial coal industry which is already under pressure from the green lobby.
  • As the UK has only 8 days of gas storage the excess receipts from Norway, LNG and remaining UK gas fields are being passed through to the EU gas network via the Belgian pipeline.  EU gas reserves remain at around 77% full.
Some of this made me laugh out loud. It's where all the crap from COP26 meets reality and realpolitik.

I asked my Energy guy what we should be doing, he replied "drilling all of the gas out off Shetland and fracking to fuck".
Do you have shares in a fracking company or something?
No, but I have plenty in Royal Dutch Shell.
Ah right, so how does it feel to have shares in very arguably the most evil company in the world?
(11-15-2021, 05:24 PM)Borin' Baggie Wrote: Ah right, so how does it feel to have shares in very arguably the most evil company in the world?

You're priceless  Wink
And you're embarrassing, shilling yet again for fracking and fossil fuel consumption for some bizarre reason. Just need you to bring up blue hydrogen and that's my bullshit energy bingo card completed.
I'm "shilling" against fuel poverty and in favour of energy security. On the side of the people, again.
Those benevolent major petrochemical companies, their profits and their shareholders. Always on the side of good...

It has nothing to do with fuel poverty and all to do with extending reliance on gas to the detriment of the environment and progress in green energy and heating provisions. If not for the likes of Shell we'd be much further along with achieving low cost fuel. All fracking seeks to do is preserve the hegemony of those in a position to dictate prices and ensure that they are in a oligopolistic position for as long as possible. You're shilling against the means for long term low cost and secure energy provisions for pursuit of short term profits.
The wind's not blowing, and reserve coal power is being bought today at £3,500/mWh

All your bluster won't change that. And I bet you're paying 30% more for your fuel than you were in 2019. Gas is by far the best route to lowering CO2 in transition to nuclear.
Wind is at this moment providing 9% of UK electricity production. The volatility of the gas markets is the sole reason for fluctuating has prices, not wind or any other generation method.

I don't know why you're so obsessed with fracking and gas, putting all our eggs into that basket instead of nuclear in the 80s and 90s are why we're in this mess now (look at France), fracking wells would take years to setup with the high risk of stopping due to geological damage (why the limits are in place at the moment and validated by real world analysis from the Netherlands and Denmark) and would take money away from setting up a nuclear baseload with renewable scaling. All fracking accomplishes is to prop up exploitative gas companies who are detrimental to progress and couldn't give two fucks about prices as they want to extract as much money as possible from the consumer with as little competition as possible which is why they've spent nearly 50 years actively preventing progress and clean energy security.

Anyone who supports fracking and gas exploration is an idiot who doesn't know that they're talking about, a shill or actively profiting from misery.

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