Poll: Who would you vote for if an election was suddenly called?
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4 12.90%
13 41.94%
4 12.90%
2 6.45%
1 3.23%
2 6.45%
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5 16.13%
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Who would you vote for?
General Electon is suddenly called for in two weeks time, who, right now would you vote for?

I'm trying to see what the general mood is on here, and how many, like myself are far too disillusioned to vote for anyone.
I'd rather eat my own feet than vote for Conservative or Labour at the present time so, a toss up between one of the others and not vote
Right now, Lib Dems. I have my criticisms but I'm happy at the direction the party is going in and they're the second party in my constituency. If they put forward a stupid manifesto like they did last time I'll vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party again, or spoil my ballot.

I am not going to vote for a party that does not want voting and constitutional reform, also my MP is a cockwomble with no spine, so I'm not going to vote Tory in a general election. Greens are too anti-science and socialist for me to vote for them in a general election but I do like my Green councillor. Labour can piss off. UKIP are alt-right loonies.
Labour for me. I think we all know the issues Labour have at the moment, but they are still the best placed party to displace the bunch of shysters we have in charge right now.
I'm not against voting Lib Dem, but until there is a fairer voting system its unlikely they will ever get in power to do their own thing.
Any party bar this truly awful and incompetent government apart from UKIP who let’s face it have no need to exist now that the Conservative’s have taken most of their support. I went for Labour because I want a realistic chance of getting these (I won’t swear) out of office ASAP.
Labour even though I'm as exasperated as anyone with the infighting, lack of clear policy and general wetness. The current govt and the govt of the last 10 years has been disastrous beyond measure in many ways and I would vote for pretty much anyone to get shot of them.

The most effective govt of my lifetime has been Blair's and despite his flaws (Iraq obvs) and the "red tory" name-calling he is the prime minister who has done the most for the working people of this country in the past 30 years - mostly due to actually getting elected. Ergo, if a left-wing govt isn't an option (and its not with the state of the media in this country) I'll take a centrist Labour govt over a right-wing Tory one. Also, the Corbynites on social media get up my nose with their constant whingeing about Starmer instead of getting after the Tories so I'd like Labour to win to shut them up.
I've always pretty much voted Lib Dem and stayed with them even through the coalition promise breaking period, however they have less relevance now than ever before so I'd vote Labour should an election be called... not that my vote matters given my constituency will vote Labour regardless of who leads them or what their policies are... I mean rarely seen Roger lasted 3 decades despite being a pro-Tory Brexiteer representing one of the most left leaning and pro-remain voting constituencies around!
Sadly I think you need to vote at least for a candidate who can win your constituency, but preferably for a party who can win power. I have no fears about Labour, they are usually over-stated, although I understand how Corbyn and his buddies made them seem dangerous and un-electable. Most of all we need to be rid of this clown and his League One standard cabinet. I reckon the Conservative Party machine will deal with Boris long before anyone else gets the chance at a General Election.
It's the first time I've ever said I wouldn't vote in these polls tbh, but I just detest them all so much. I'm still a member of the Lib Dems and I'm happy Ed Davey is in charge, but they're still making themselves unelectable.
i'm now in the none of the above category.
Last few elections i've voted Tory with some hesitation but thought they were the best choice given the only other options were a bunch of neo marxists supported by the social media hate mob and the illberal anti democrats.
If the LD's hadn't been so vocal in their desire to usurp the result of the largest democratic vote in UK history, i would have considered them if they were serious about legalising cannabis

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