Big Cyrille
3 years ago today
RIP legend
I remember it like yesterday.
Where has that time gone?
Awful. A hero to me.
I think Cyrille's passing is the greatest sadness I've felt of the passing of someone I didn't know personally, although Bowie and Freddie Mercury are up there near him, the bond of Albion and the memories he gave me as a kid just burned deep into my soul. I still recall feeling empty when we sold him to Cov, wondering what had gone wrong.

Time's so odd. In our childhood years last for ever, but once we're adults 5 years and more can go by in the blink of an eye. It's 15 years since my mother died in a couple of weeks and it feels like about 3 years.
"I'll be Cyrille Regis"

- said the kid in the playground.
An Albion legend in my eyes and probably my first Albion hero.
I remember not long after my first child was born waiting to turn right out of our estate to go to Tesco, when Cyrille shot past in his car. I think I must have had “baby brain” at the time as somehow I found myself following his car rather than going for my weekly shop. He lived less than a mile away from me at the time. Still smile when I remember that day and can’t believe it was 3 years ago when we lost him!
RIP big man. I thought King Jeff was great but this man represented everything good about Football and the Albion, a true hero.
Apart from my Dad I think Cyrille was my first non-fictional hero. Even now when I visualise him he's like a superhero - he just needed a cape.

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