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Can I assume that the artist, Marc Quinn, (or his muse for that matter) is not too familiar with the founders of the Black Power movement and their philosophy and aims? i.e. to promote 'Self-determination' and 'Black Separatism' by violent means if necessary.
Is he happy with their rejection of non-violent protest? Is he aware, I wonder, that they were heavily criticised for this by Martin Luther King who also stated “…the black power movement connotates black supremacy and an anti-white feeling that does not or should not prevail”. I do think the rabid fanaticism of the current BLM crowd will eventually start to push even we moderate, equality minded whites into a corner and engender reciprocal antagonism.
The supporters of Black Power wanted no integration with whites whatsoever. They wanted a purely black society in which white people were not allowed to interact.  Racial integration was rejected. Stokely Carmichael, one of the founders of the movement, was a believer in this approach.
Looks like 'Two wrongs' do make a right after all.
They probably don't. Reading their comments in the article it seems a pretty spur of the moment thing without a huge amount of though regarding the origins of the Black Power movement. The fist salute has come to represent more than that specific 1960s/70s US movement in the intervening years anyway, I would say?

The lady refers to social justice and equality rather than black separatism and supremacy so I'd say you could be reading too much into it?
I am no expert on the matter but assume that the 'black power' raising of the fist does not necessarily mean that person stands for or even understands the original Black Power movement philosophies. In the same way that Churchill didn't mean to offend the French with his V for Victory sign - a symbol of English archers showing defiance to the French armies from the 15th Century.

You have taken a symbol that is widely used and assumed that the person doing that, which includes many footballers on a regular basis, is an advocate of using violent means to overthrow the oppressors. I think that you are being led down a path by people with agendas to paint this in a much more sinister manner by linking a symbol of peaceful protest to a similar violent movement. By giving this airtime you are promoting this belief.

By the way the French weren't offended by Churchill, and I don't feel that white people should be offended or even concerned by this protest sign.

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