in the absence of Sw4 I thought I would start.

Johnstone - 6,5 Nothing to do.

Furlong - 7 improved after early Yellow.
Ajayi - 8 Dominant, Good partnership with Kyle.
Bartley - 8.5 Dominant & read the game superbly. Leader today.
Ferguson - 9 MOM Get him signed up pronto. Huge talent.

Sawyers - 7,5 Quality & worked hard
Livermore - 8,5 Bossed midfield. Top quality today.
Pereira - 8 1st goal & a couple of passes that were too good for this division 

Phillips - 6.5 Ok
Diang - 6.5 Dangerous but gives it away too easily 
Austin - 6 Still not quite there but not far off. Great movement & goals will come soon 

HRK - 7 Added something different & gave them problems 
Edwards - 6.5 Got in good positions. Probably should have scored 
Kroc - Not on long enough
Only watching on telly, but Phillips didn't look at it today. Might have been the QPR fans giving him stick, because he's been an absolute king at the Hawthorns recently.
Johnstone - 7

Furlong - 7
Ajai - 7.5
Bartley - 7.5
Ferguson - 8

Sawyers - 7.5
Livermore - 7.5

Phillips - 6
Pereira - 8.5
Diangana - 7

Austin - 6.5

HRK - 7
Edwards - 7.5
Krovinovic - ...

Bilic - 9

Fans - 9
Johnstone 7

Furlong 7
Ajayi 8
Bartley 8
Ferguson 8

Livermore 7
Sawyers 7

Phillips 5
Pereira 9
Diangana 8

Austin 7

Edwards 7
Krovinovic - Not enough time
Johnstone - Cannot mark, nothing to do

Furlong - 7
Semi - 8
Bartman - 9
Fergie - 9

Sawyers - 7
Livvy - 8.5

Daisy - 5.5
Pezza - 7.5
Grady - 6

Austin - 7

Big Al - 7
Edwards - 7
Krov - no time

Slav.. Everything Spot on 9

Fans 10 as ever.
Unfortunately the events of today - us winning and Villa blowing it - means I have been somewhat otherwise engaged!

I've spent all night trying to explain to the same Villa fan friend (who is slwoly realising his post Spurs game claim they're a shoe-in for the top 10 may have been misguided) that it's far more fun being a Baggies fan than a Villa fan as all they'll ever be is a bunch of arrogant, deluded and fickle also-rans who'll never be able to enjoy football as they'll always struggle to balance their belief in their own entitlement to be a top 6 club with the fact that no matter how much they spend, they'll only ever be a mid table PL side at absolute best...

Anyway, I'm all aboard the Bilic-Bus, and even in his bizarrely broken English he speaks more sense than the gammon faced arrogant prick of a manager they have.

Johnstone - 7 - Nothing to do, but didn't let this spoil his concentration. When called into action he was capable.

Ferguson - 9 - Their keeper should have saved it, but the lad is going to be great. Give him whatever he wants.
Bartley - 8 - Returned to his best today, an excellent option at this level.
Ajayi - 8 - Easy to overlook how much his pace allowing us to push forward helps us as a team. For an away side second half we practically camped in their half.
Furlong - 7 - Quiet on his return but did what he had to do well.

Sawyers - 8 -Neat and tidy in the first half, and a key cog in our second half dominance. Thought he sat a bit deeper and won a lot more of the loose balls than in previous games.
Livermore - 8.5 - Excellent today, no coincidence his best games come without Krov. At the moment he contributes more.

Phillips - 6 - Quietest game for a while, but QPR nullified him well. After last weekend, QPR went 3-5-2 with the sole ambition of nullifying him and Grady and it worked.
Periera - 8 - Oozes class. Not sure there's a more talented player in the division.
Grady - 6 - See Phillips - struggled when doubled up on, but the focus on these guys opened it up for Livermore and Periera

Austin - 6 - Worked his nuts off, but contributed a lot less than Hudds. Think I'd go with HRK on Tuesday.

HRK - 7 - Added a threat we were lacking. Glad he took the foul as no way he'd have scored when through. Still not sure how their keeper kept his header out at the end.
Edwards - 7 - Lively. Him and Grady are a wonderful doubleact to rotate
Krov - Right sub, bit not sure he touched it.

SUper-Slav - 10 - Did everything right.

Ultimately we played the in form team in the division and they didn't have a shot. Bring on Leeds.
If a player (Johnstone) has nothing to do. His rating should be 5 (default), not 6.5. How do you get to that rating?

Some of the markings on here are laughable  Big Grin Big Grin
Clarnet v2.0
5 is poor. 6 is average. SJ 6.5 is about right for some good decisions to go long with some clearances when under pressure.
(09-28-2019, 11:33 PM)Statto Wrote: 5 is poor. 6 is average. SJ 6.5 is about right for some good decisions to go long with some clearances when under pressure.

I reckon HRK should be an 8. Ultimately his run sealed the red card that basically put the game beyond doubt.

Although I agree he was never ever going to score in that position

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