Today’s marks
Can't knock that assessment.

Carry on like this away from home and they'll have to start allocating a few games on a loyalty basis such will be the demand.
(11-09-2019, 09:50 PM)HeathAyIt Wrote: Can't knock that assessment.

Carry on like this away from home and they'll have to start allocating a few games on a loyalty basis such will be the demand.

You’re not wrong. Another big following today.

Away numbers very impressive this season.
From the armchair, I thought Sawyers, Diangana and Perreira had relatively poor games by their own ridiculously high too-good-for-the-championship standards. They were still very good and we still won, which is great. Townsend's best game so far. COYB!!
Good to see the away attendance coming back. Something we always had in general was good away support.
Fair play agree with all of that
sawyers wasnt an 8 he was awful defensively today
(11-09-2019, 10:26 PM)tiptontown Wrote: Good to see the away attendance coming back. Something we always had in general was good away support.

How many did we take?
Over 2000
(11-09-2019, 05:12 PM)Cuzer Wrote: Another hard fought win, rode our luck at times however could easily have got another

SJ 7 little to do but alert whenever needed, save in 1st half top class. 7.5. Huge save from Ervine. Handling and kicking sound

Furlong 7 Plentry of space on his flank and kept the dangerous Pole winger quiet. Got caught upfield a few times  esp for Grosicki Chance. Good outlet but crossing poor today

Townsend 9* Really steps up today, did well against Bowen, used the ball well and supported the attacks at every opportunity, looks fitter than last season.  Gives us balance and good cover a number of times with key tackles and headers. 8

Semi 8 Another great showing.   Solid today. Pace a huge asset. 

Bartley 8 See above, good distribution too. Sloppy first half when he let balls bounce and careless paces. Good 2nd. Huge improvement on last year 7.5

Livermore 9 Excellent, was all over the pitch, ever more excellent given the early booking.  Spot on. V disciplined after booking. Complete performance. 8.5

Sawyers 8 Excellent use of the ball as always. Far be it from me to criticize Slav but screaming for him to bring Brunt on for Sayers with 10 left knowing a yellow would cost us him and Livermore v Wednesday, shame. Correct on Slav but felt RS lightweight today. Not influential e Pugh but improved 2 half. 7

Diangana 7 Sloppy in possession today but still a massive threat every time we attacked, thought The ex Villa full back Leiche did well for them today. Flashes of brillliance and good moments. But faded badly after 60

Pereira 7 Quickly becoming a marked man which is affecting his influence somewhat, still showed touches of class at times and worked hard as always. Getting crowded and teams clearly wising up. Some great play 2 half. Needs to fugg off the diving

Phillips 6 Never quite came  off for Matty today, struggled to beat first man with crosses. 6.5. Some moments and good shift but final product below standard. Could really tear this division apart

HRK 8 Great shift, worked hard and some great link play.  Didn’t show enough first half but v good 2nd. Great chasing down. 7.5


Krovinovic 8 Thought he was excellent today, seems to have quickened up his play recently which was a criticism when he started the season, very intelligent footballer.  Good sub. Clever 1 2s and touches. Needs end product. 7.5

Edward 7 lively when on.  Some good moments. Great option

Kenneth 6 got a couple of minutes

Another good win on the road, shame about the suspensions for Sheff Wednesday, be interesting to see if it’s Hegazi and Brunt in or Krovinovic and Brunt, the later for me, I’d be loathed to break up Bartley and Semi at the minute.   Krov and Barry - if fit

Top of the league!


Not bad those Cuz and Sw. hard fought win at a venue we have not won at in 12 years. They were in form but we stopped them playing for long spells. However on chances - easily could have been a draw. Marks edited
Wow, what a day that was. Finally got home about 10.45, trains were a nightmare, delays galore, platform changes, disruptive passenger - it was all happening. Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

Terrific result against a good team bang in form. 

First half I thought was fairly even, we had our chances they had theirs. Grosicki should've scored, Bowen looked sharp and dangerous. 
Second half after about ten minutes we started to control the game and the introduction of Krovinovic allowed us to keep the ball and dictate the play, they never really looked a threat and we should've scored another. Overall we thoroughly deserved the points.

Johnstone 8 - Didn't have too much to do but what he did have to do he did well. BIG save first half, proved crucial in the end. Becoming more consistent and cutting out the errors. We're seeing a proper goalkeeper now.

Furlong 8 - Up and down the flank all day. Provided an out ball and generally accurate with his passing. Hasn't been at his best last few games but much better here.

Townsend 7.5 - Under-rated by a lot of fans. He's very decent. Offers more of an option going forward than Ferguson does, rarely loses the ball. Their winger caused him a problem early on but when you have full backs that go forward they will be a bit more susceptible at the back. Deserves his place at the moment. Ferguson, good as he is, shouldn't walk back into the team. 

Ajayi 8 - Krosicki put him under pressure a bit early on but Semi dealt with that pressure well. His pace is a massive plus for us at the back. 

Bartley 8 - May not be as good as Hegazi (he isn't) but he's playing his best football for us at the moment and Hegazi is going to have to wait. Strong, dominant, commanding. Probably his best performance in an Albion shirt. 

Sawyers 7.5 - Not as good as he sometimes is but still kept things ticking over in midfield. Silly booking in the last minute means he joins Livermore on the suspended list for Sheff Wed.

Livermore 9* - Thought he was magnificent. Not just his goal, he picked up lose balls, retained possession and offered that physical presence in midfield. He looks a totally different player under Bilic. His passing has improved hugely. 

Phillips 5 - One decent effort first half, other than that pretty ineffective. Wasteful second half with his delivery. We looked better when he left the field. 

Pereira 7 - Not given much time on the ball first half but grew into the game and was better second half. He and Krovinovic link up so well.

Diangana 6 - Should've scored second half. Didn't have his best of games. Knocked off the ball and lost possession numerous times first half. He offered a threat but was generally poor in possession of it. 

Robson-Kanu 8 - Led the line very well. Worked very hard, held the ball up and worked the defenders all game, put in a real shift. Not really a sniff at goal but offered more than Austin has been. 


Krovinovic 8 - Nits everything together, seriously good at keeping possession. If he could shoot from outside the box he'd be awesome. Looked a better team when he came on.

Edwards 7 - No major impact but did nothing wrong either. 

Zohore - No time to do anything.

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