Best Keeper
Am I the only one who wasn’t overly impressed by Shilton?

He’s only competition at the time was Ray bloody Clemence!
Buffon got to be the best ever. Still going strong watch him win the game for PSG tonight.
(02-12-2019, 04:11 PM)ferencpuskas Wrote: Here's a true story about Peter Shilton , and Gordon Banks. One of my dad's old mate's Matt Gillies, (he played with me dad at Bolton), later managed Leicester City, and had both Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton as his keepers, at that time, Gordon being the num.1. Peter still being a teenager 16/17, was reserve. Peter asked to see the Gaffer about a transfer. Gillies explained that although Peter was a very good keeper, he would have to wait his time, as Gordon was the best in the Country, to which Shllton replied " I'm better than Gordon, and a lot younger"!  Subsequently, although I can't remember how long after, Gordon was transferred to Stoke, and Shilts took over!   True story.  I remember Matt telling it to my dad in our house!

This is pretty much borne out on Banks' wiki page. He was told by a teammate that Shilton had said he would leave if he wasn't given the first team spot. Shilts was just over 17 & a half years old when Banks was sold.

From Leicester's point of view it probably made sense. Shilts had more of a future and Banks would have been the more saleable commodity. Bill Shankly wanted to sign him for Liverpool but the board wouldn't cough up the required £50k.

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