Mosque Shooting New Zealand
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(03-15-2019, 09:36 AM)kiwisteve Wrote: Sorry if that was the case, I seem to have a sense of humour loss right no
If he was, the irony is lost on me.
R4 this morning, said that our security forces have intercepted plots for murder/terrorism from Islamist and from right wing nutters. Around 20 in the last few years iirc. Agree v much about the dangers of the internet. 
I know a flat earther... Hes harmless if bonkers. But there's so much crap out there.
There are some people who believe Albion should be top of the league. .

Irony can be grim.  When Islamic nutters murder people, there is often the condemnation of the irony of it being carried out in the name of the religion of Peace.  An atrocity was carried out in NZ; it's an atrocity involving muslims - so much for the religion of pea- oh, wait... 

I guess you have to see the "religion of peace" tag used sardonically enough times to get it.

Exactly, when any atrocity is carried out by a Muslim you see the phrase “religion of peace” on this board at least half a dozen times.

As a white male of 53 i dont know many people of my age or under who even think of religion unfortunately alot of muslims are guided by their life of a book ..............would you live your life by that .??

I wouldn’t but there are a hell of a lot of Christians out there who live their lives by the letter of the Bible, just as the Muslims do.

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