Barry Gardiner
(01-19-2022, 10:57 PM)Protheroe Wrote:
(01-19-2022, 10:08 PM)Sotv Wrote:
(01-19-2022, 10:47 AM)Protheroe Wrote: It would appear my friend Alex Yip's blossoming political career is over for the time being.

Dear, dear me.

He is a councilor round by me, seems an ok sort from what I’ve seen. His kids went to the same primary as mine and they were nice enough as well.

He is a nice guy, but exceptionally ambitious. This is going to hurt as I think he was expecting a better option at the next general election than he had at the last.

If you also know Robert Alden could you let him know his repeating of his name every 2 lines on his newsletters used to make me and the wife laugh when we lived in Erdington  Big Grin
Arf. I have the same reaction to Ed Davey getting “as Liberal Democrat’s” into every sentence.

Poor Bobby is going to get a shoeing in the Erdington by-election I suspect.
(01-20-2022, 10:50 AM)Protheroe Wrote:
(01-20-2022, 09:49 AM)Brentbaggie Wrote: Dear Proth, d'you read the Mail online or get it delivered? Just wondering.

I read online articles in every paper from the Morning Star to the Telegraph. What's your point?

Only just got back to this.  I just wondered what your paper of choice was - honest. But you've answered that question.  That said - how long does that take you?!

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