Boris Johnson
(12-03-2021, 01:13 PM)Fido Wrote:
(12-03-2021, 11:43 AM)Borin' Baggie Wrote:
(12-03-2021, 11:10 AM)Protheroe Wrote:
(12-03-2021, 10:11 AM)Borin' Baggie Wrote: I would just like to point out that parts of England, and not remote parts but towns like Penrith and towns and villages close to Newcastle, still do not have power after a week. This in a first world country.

What have the government done? Has our Prime Minister even bothered to visit?

I agree this is outrageous. Just imagine how awful it'll be when we're all completely reliant on electricity?

Thanks goodness for my wood burner, diesel generator and gas BBQ.

Gas BBQ's are shit, I have a charcoal one. Food tastes better, fuel is less prone to fluctuations in pricing and supply and better for the environment. I also have a wood burner.

Don't have a diesel generator, have solar panels and a battery storage system instead. Also don't have to worry about the subsidy on red diesel ending in April.

(12-03-2021, 11:27 AM)Fido Wrote: Is he a trained electrician?

Does one need to be trained to operate on high-voltage equipment to coordinate national resources as head of government with local government and power companies?

Gas BBQs product far less CO2, that's for sure. 

And as for Boris surely he has at least a minister to sort this kind of shit out for him instead of him having to travel up just for a photo opportunity? He'd just as likely get lambasted for doing that as he would for not doing it. FFS sake, there are enough things to beat him with a stick about but is this really one of them?

Gas BBQs produce less CO2 at the point of use, but lump charcoal from 100% FSC approved woodland is practically carbon neutral and that's what I use. So no, gas BBQs do not produce far less CO2. I suppose you could use BioLPG but I've yet to see that being sold commercially and even then the total carbon lifecycle would be, at best, on par with the aforementioned lump charcoal (highly dependent on feedstock though, theoretically both lump charcoal and BioLPG from gasification with CCUS can be carbon negative).

The Prime Minister and government have been criticised for their inaction by both local government and grid management. It's not just his lack of keeping up appearances but also the matter of the government not coordinating efforts.
“Word of the day is 'eye-servant' (16th century): one who only works properly or follows the rules when they are being observed.”

Susie Dent 

I wonder which two faced anchor she was referring to?
Cabinet bragging about trade deal with Australia - this is what the FT says:

[Image: FGxR5zYWYAYYCqu?format=jpg&name=small]
Another day another Johnson ‘mistake’

Example 1

Example 2 

At #PMQs, Boris Johnson said the government’s warm homes discount was “worth £140 per week”

This is wrong

It’s worth £140 for the whole of the winter, not £140 a week

Imagine if, I don’t know say Diane Abbot had sad the latter!

I imagine the usual suspects will still vote for him.
The ultimate example of someone who's "winging it".

When did having substance become unfashionable?
(01-05-2022, 09:10 PM)Sliced Wrote: The ultimate example of someone who's "winging it".

When did having substance become unfashionable?

A while ago there was a societal shift away from intellectualism and towards personality and banter. Smart people and experts who actually knew what they were talking about were publicly decried as “boring boffins” and idiots were promoted because they pulled funny faces and said hilarious things…

Johnson is the final result.
Birthday Bash fir Boris? Allegedly
I hope he had a fun birthday. Neither my mum, dad nor my granddad did.
(01-05-2022, 09:10 PM)Sliced Wrote: The ultimate example of someone who's "winging it".

When did having substance become unfashionable?

I’d say it had been dying anyway but 1997 and the landslide for New Labour with their spin drs and tightly controlled media image was the nail in the coffin for it. 

As for Johnson and his cronies it’s time up, they really do need to step aside and I say that as someone who voted Tory in the last 3 elections. 

I can’t say I’m impressed by any of the alternatives but just how anyone was preferable to Corbyn for me at the last election, I’d vote for anyone but Johnson and this current government if there was a GE tomorrow. 

I’d like to know more about Starmer’s plans, if he has plans for a more centre ground form of the Labour Party I’d be willing to listen and consider lending him my support even if it does go against my libertarian instincts.
A big question nobody is raising. How long did/does Boris actually want to be leader of the Conservative party.
With a new young family he must be considering taking a more relaxed way of life. He gets no thanks for anything and could quadruple his income by walking away.

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