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(06-06-2019, 11:49 AM)Birdman1811 Wrote: Hi all.

The server host just announced a price increase, its small but does mean the funds won't stretch as far now. We have a little over a month left now so any donations will be welcomed.

Rather than Paypal are there bank details Birdy? PM me if you like.
Birdmon - what's the score?
I will do an update today. Keep forgetting until I turn my computer off. I'll do it today, promise!
OP has been updated.
Cheers Birdy
Based on the update to the funding being at 13 months now, it won't take a lot to keep us going for much longer. By my reckoning if 10 of us put £2 in a month then this dump will stay open for nearly 5 years at today's rates.

I'm in - anyone else want to put £2 a month in via a standing order, need 9 others.
Hey all.

So I've been investigating posting issues and such and last night I had a few server warnings. When this place is busy it's REALLY busy and I've had to upgrade the server to cope. I've also just paid to have the server fully managed and backed-up for 12 months. This has eaten a fair bit out of the Kitty and we now have about 3 months left.

As always, there is no demand for any help right now, but if people are able and willing to help top the kitty up soon it would be greatly received.

Now the server is upgraded I'm hoping to get another site running on it at the same time for a fee, taking a lot of pressure of this place paying for the server, but I need to know the new specs cope.
Small donations are less cost effective. Perhaps best to pay a larger sum once a year.
Found this on Google.......

  “If you receive up to £1500 in your PayPal account per month, you will be charged 3.4 percent and 20p on every payment made into your PayPal account, if you received over £1500 in your PayPal account, you will pay 2.9 percent and 20p for every transaction received.20 Aug 2018"

Hi Birdy,

Just chucked some in. Would have done earlier but didn't see the bank details at the head of the post. Keep up the good work.
Pot full now @Birdman1811?

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