HGV driver shortages
(10-03-2021, 10:56 AM)Borin' Baggie Wrote: Let me humour you for a second, what was the relevance of your response? I wasn't denying there has been shipping or manufacturing issues in other countries. I was pointing out that JOK's crap about HGV drivers is a minutiae of a bigger picture. Other European countries have a shortage but are managing their local supply chains. Before 2021 we had a shortage, a long-standing shortage, of HGV drivers but were able to manage our local supply chains. What is the cause of the effect, what is making, as an example, an order I put it get 1 day delayed leaving the single market then a week delayed getting to the Midlands when it's in the UK? I'll give you a hint, previously that order would be carried through, and that driver would carry out cabotage. Now that same driver is delivering to Rotterdam or Calais and going back to Germany. It isn't coming from China, it's coming from the Rhineland. There isn't a delay in it getting manufactured, the production lead times are the same. The global problem is irrelevant, the issues touched in that link you provided are irrelevant.

Are they really?

‘Two of Europe's largest haulage companies, Hungary's Waberer's International and Lithuania's Girteka Logistics, have weighed in on Britain's supply chain crisis and driver shortage. Waberer's commercial director has told Trans.INFO

“Currently, driver shortage is peaking in England, but the whole of Europe is struggling with the problem.”

Now, the goods are at least reaching the distribution centres and warehouses; it is the last-mile delivery where problems are being encountered. In a few weeks, however, the international “legs” of supply chains will also be limping. Continuous delays, shortages of stock or even an overload of warehouses are to be expected.” 
And is the argument about real cause and solution to the ‘crisis’ minutia?  Especially as this thread is about the U.K. driver shortage.
You didn’t read the Reuters link then. Here you go a little snippet:
“BERLIN, July 26 (Reuters) - German business morale fell unexpectedly in July on continuing supply chain worries.”
“Supply problems are weighing on the manufacturing and the retail sectors, with almost 64% of industrial firms complaining about shortages in materials,”

This From the NY Times:
“More than 40 percent of German companies said they had lost sales because of supply problems in an August Survey by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Europewide, exports would have been 7 percent higher in the first six months of the year if not for supply bottlenecks, according to the European Central Bank.”

I would suggest that it’s a tad of an overstatement to say “Other European countries… are managing their local supply chains.”

(10-07-2021, 05:45 AM)Derek Hardballs Wrote: Are you still trying to argue that Brexit isn’t a cause of our HGV shortage whilst ignoring the governments begging bowl to EU drivers for help. That is gold medal standard mental gymnastics!

(There you are B1, someone IS saying Brexit is the CAUSE of the driver shortage.)

The real gold medal for mental gymnastics is that you do and keep avoiding backing up your claims.  Here is another couple of questions for you to ignore;

The U.K. is, apparently, 100,000 HGV drivers short, yes?  One of your beloved trade organisations you like to quote, claim only 20,000 foreign drivers left because of Brexit, yes?  How do you account for the discrepancy in the numbers?

Explain how, exactly, did Brexit CAUSE the shortage of drivers; a, in The U.K. and b, Europe wide?
Yes they are, because the end user isn't subject to delays. Why is it taking my a week longer to get an item from Germany to Birmingham than a business in Newtownards or Dublin? Why are we experiencing empty shelves at supermarkets and other countries aren't? Why are pharmacy deliveries significantly worse affected here than in the EU? Why is the UK struggling to deliver UK-made blood test vials when the EU isn't? It's a minutiae of the problem, 40% of HGVs operating in the UK pre-Covid were registered and operated in other EU countries, that's how we managed the shortage of drivers before and that's how EU members are managing it now. It isn't just about drivers, it's about the drop in throughout reducing supply. You can't fix the shortage of chiller trailer operators by getting more drivers.

Do you read any continental press? They're absolutely not experiencing the same problems we are, they're taking the piss out of us.

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