2020/21 The Good and the Bad
clem4england Wrote:
Lurker#3 Wrote:
clem4england Wrote:Agree with all of that but you have missed the biggest car crash of a signing: Ivanovic.

Ivanovic, Gibbs, Grosiki, Austin... Many pennies here alone. At a wild guess in EPL money, 150k a week? In the Chump - 40/50% less. But still a sizable whack. 

Goes to show how much natural wasteage will have thus summer. 
This is true. Even add the likes of Livermore, Zohore and Peltier. Most of our highest earners are not involved in the team which is scandalous really.

Good points about the amazing wastage we have on the books with the likes of Zohore and Peltier along with Grosiki and Austin (to a lesser degree with the loan). They, plus the likes of Gibbs and Ivanovic, really haven't contributed much in the season and must have drained the club's cash. Sad

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