Grand National
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(04-08-2021, 07:53 AM)Bob Fossil Wrote: Arthur Road Tipton was a classic, till some grumpy old bastard put barbed wire through the middle of his privet.
Luckily it was not my danglers that got snagged, but just witnessing it alone put me off for life!

Was the course away from or towards UCL?

Up, bottom to top.
It was a test on the hamstrings I can tell ya! You would need to be a gazelle to do it now though as they all have cars and drives. ?

On a slightly different note but on the theme of Tipton...

Did anyone use the Tipton Harriers track before the synthetic one was installed? It was a brain rattler and half. I appreciate that the Club's renown was for distance but it was really poor. Using Hadley Stadium seemed futuristic.

Some time in the late 80s I did the Tipton 10, which finished with a lap pf the old track. Just what you needed after three repetitive loops round the Moxley/Bradley circuit.

The race was won by Steve Jones who at the time might still have held the world record for the marathon (2:08 something). He got changed on the Asda car park along with the oiks like myself. Mark Dalloway, who was a good athlete (ran for Stourport) finished in the top three; he could run a sub-62 half marathon back then. I never quite got my 10 mile time under an hour, but I was only a fun runner so it day matter a lot.

Yup - did that a few times myself.
Always a class field with Paul Davies-Hale having the record (46.53 in 1983).
Here are all the results:

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