Covid Vaccination ID

What constitutes "reasonable chance"?
(12-13-2021, 05:09 PM)Borin' Baggie Wrote:

What constitutes "reasonable chance"?

Just when you thought the ejits couldn't top Hancock, they go and chuck rent-a-quote Javid into the role. He really is going to get people thinking what's the point. Can't he just wait and see what happens with the new variant before he feels the need to hit the red button.
(12-13-2021, 10:38 AM)Borin' Baggie Wrote:
(12-13-2021, 09:51 AM)baggy1 Wrote: There are some seriously uninformed MPs that stand in the name of freedom to save us all. Marcus Fysh (Yeovil Tory MP) says "We are not a papers please society, this is not Nazi Germany".

He seems to be unaware that we had a 'papers please society' in the UK during the second world war and everyone had to carry them including children.

Is this the same Marcus Fysh who is fully supportive of voter ID and online surveillance? He's only complaining because it's going to inconvenience him, doesn't give a shit about civil liberties

Can't believe David Laws lost to that hypocrite.

Libertarian’s and right wing fweedom fighters in the Tory trenches pick and choose which freedoms they wish to defend. Marsks, bad, clampdown on protest, good. ID Cards for voting good, Covid passports bad.

They will be pretending they care about vulnerable children next…

Schools and ventilation

Six times more likely

Turns out you can buy air filters to help schools… that’s inconvenient
Outdoor hospitality in January? Sounds great.

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