Brexit gains.
They’re all wrong and we are right...hmm
(9 hours ago)Protheroe Wrote:
(06-11-2021, 01:37 PM)Borin' Baggie Wrote: "So that was a fucking lie"

You clearly know his mind better than he does then.

"Greece was ruined by an unholy alliance of its ruling class and Brussels. Despite that, I thought Brexit would hurt the weakest in the UK & so opposed it. But having watched the disgraceful behaviour of hard Remainers & of Brussels post-2016, I changed my tune."

Exports back to pre-Brexit levels, including fish. Buried away on Page 53 of yesterday's Times.

That's not quite the narrative on here is it?

Mate, that's not him changing sides to opposing the EU, he made that clear last month when he explicitly opposed Greece leaving the EU. He obviously wouldn't have said that had he "changed sides" would he? What you're essentially doing is conflating criticism of the EU (and in this case, other remainers) with supporting Brexit, and it's the same dumb logic that would imply that I've switched sides because I stopped being a Lib Dem member over their treatment of Norman Lamb for trying to push for an EFTA and EEA agreement and didn't vote for them in 2019. Not to mention trying to extrapolate a single tweet into the entire mindset of an individual, which is why I don't use nor like Twitter.

As for trade data, I can't independently verify the Times but that's good news. Obviously there's the caveat that the Times ran an article last month proclaiming the same but it was because the person writing it couldn't do maths so completely misinterpreted percentages, and the only actual numeric reference to imports comes from the trade deficit and not an actual number for exports. Import data still doesn't look good though.

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