Favourite track by ... vol 92
As there was a general Rap/Hip-Hop earlier, thought I'd suggest a general Folk one - be interesting to see what *folk* come up with (if anything)

With his passing this year was tempted to go for a John Prine one or an Eddie Reader take on a Robbie Burns (or more recent excellent Wild Mountainside track featured on her Burns album)

But went for my favourite version of Caledonia being where I am currently  - by Irish folk singer of that talented  family, Dolores Keane

*see what I did there
Always had a bit of a thing for Fleet Foxes...

Horses Brawl. Some of their work.
Pounding by Doves.
(08-02-2020, 07:10 AM)HawkingsHalfpint Wrote: Pounding by Doves.

Playing Brum in March.
Dylan and Neil Young have had/deserve threads of their own so I'm ignoring them.

Joni Mitchell-Parking Lot and particularly the sublime Both Sides Now
John Martyn-May You Never, andmany more from Solid Air for starters

Love John Prine (RIP) but would have had him as country rather than folk.
Of Monsters And Men are worth a listen.
Saw them at one of the smaller stages at Reading a few years ago and loved them. They’re on the boundary of folk and indie. Loved their first album, second was good, haven’t heard the third.
Vin Garbutt could make you cry live. Passed away a few years ago now but I'm glad I saw him several times. Voice of the tees

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