Labour court apology and settlement to antisemitism whistleblowers and reporter
Labour has paid out a six-figure sum and apologised in antisemitism row for attack on BBC panorama program and the libel on those that took part when it tried to call the antisemitism revealed a smear campaign by the disaffected. It has settled with the whistleblowers and BBC reporter John Ware over with substantial damages as well as the apology read out in court. Plenty of progressive anti-racists like Owen Jones also backed up the Labour party in its attack on those who took part and it will be interesting to see if he and others also apologise - or if they will stop being obsessed with just Israel and look at other pressing matters such as possible genocide of Uighars in China. 

Anyway, a good day for the whisteblowers and for the Labour party in moving on (or trying to) from this - they lost control of the Brighton Council this week too after expulsions of councillors for antisemitism, which shows the ongoing damage this is causing them. And the report for EHRC is not even made public yet. Unite and a few others still in denial though, and this will prove a problem if Starmer were to feel he should take action against Corbyn or anyone else of a high profile after the report is released. The whistleblowers still get trolled/attacked by that element but hopefully this judgement and the damages will help them move on.

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