UK Covid death toll
Some good news in the hospitalisations this week in that they are, at worst, showing a slowing down in the increase in numbers and in some areas starting to fall. London has seen a 10% drop in a week with fall in the East of England (4%) and the South East (3%) figures as well. The South West, North West and the Midlands have all seen small increases, 6%, 9% and 5%, with only the North East and Yorkshire showing a bigger growth at 18%.

Overall there has been an increase of 400 in hospital over the week which is roughly the same total as the North East and Yorkshire, the rest cancel themselves out. Here's hoping this is the final turning point in this two years of shite.
(01-14-2022, 09:59 AM)baggy1 Wrote:
(01-14-2022, 08:10 AM)Kit Kat Chunky Wrote:
(01-13-2022, 09:07 AM)baggy1 Wrote: The press picked up on a worse case scenario prediction and ran with it and not the full picture when they were talking about 75k, the experts put together models that show potential outcomes and based on what we knew from other variants it was one of the possibilities. They didn't run into the room shouting 'we're all dooooomed', there were other scenarios and the politicians took the choice in the round.

These numbers were also being peddled by experts and SAGE members in interviews. When pressed they admitted the modelling was based on Delta not Omicron.

Sturgeon and Drakeford are looking like fools, and BJ would have been the same if left to him.

I'd hardly say they are looking like fools, being cautious throughout this pandemic should have been the default setting and the mild restrictions that Wales and Scotland put in place only really impacted large crowds and were supported by the majority of the population. I'm going up to Edinburgh for a weekend in February and checked with our Sales rep up there before booking and he said that you wouldn't notice the difference on a day to day basis.

And Johnson not looking like a fool is a stretch in any circumstance.

Johnson isn't looking a fool over lockdown. He is looking like a complete total monumental twat over everything else, though.

The Sunday papers might be the final nail for him.
Another good week for numbers hospital in all regions. A 10% reduction across the whole of England down to 14,865 with every region falling individually as well ranging from 18% in London (who are slightly ahead of the curve) to 4% in the South East. Even if you take the big falls in London out of the equation there is still an 8% drop across the country. 

All good news and it shows that things are working. As you will know I have concerns about the timing of the removal of restrictions but fingers crossed everything works out and continues in the same fashion as we have seen over the past week.

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