Many Positives From The Season
Although there is some doom and gloom around the club at the moment which I do agree with there is a lot to be positive about for this season. 

We have tried the youth that we have been crying out for for years, Harper and Field have played nearly 20 Championship games each and at such a young age this shows they can be vital pieces in our side for years to come. We have also seen players such as Edwards make 6 appearances adding on this we have the likes of Tulloch and Rogers who have both played in the cup, there seems to be a clear path to the first team and to create that in 1 season is defiantly progress. 

We have made some signings which I would argue show a development in our recruitment, the likes of Gayle, Johansen, Holgate and Johnstone would all have been hot property for any championship side and for us to have them in our squad states to me that our recruitment team is improving although it does have some way to go. 

We have been able to keep players of a premier league standard such as Gibbs, J rod, perhaps Hegazi and Phillips despite interest from clubs in the top tier, this shows that there is a good culture at atmosphere in the club that players want to be part of otherwise they could have gone. Being able to keep these players shows that they have faith in the club and as a fan that is certainly encouraging. 

Also we have been able to go down and cut the wage bill with players like McClean and Rondon leaving the club, and despite spending money we have not gone over the top like teams such as Stoke and Derby which could land them in financial trouble. I know we had to take out an overdraft in January but it doesn't seem to drastic compared to the instability clubs that have banked on promotion could find themselves in. 

Finally we have finished 4th and have navigated ourselves to a respectable finish, I predicted mid-table in our first season so to see us 4th is by no means a disappointment to me, we have seen teams like Stoke and Swansea that have come down and have struggled so to finish in the playoffs and be regarded as one of the better teams to beat is great. We are entertaining as well scoring goals for fun sometimes and I doubt many fans have left a game bored this season.
Agree with a lot of this.

I keep reading we don’t know our best XI, we lack intensity, we can’t defend, we can’t create goals or build any attacking play... yet we’re 4th in the league. Over 46 games this group of players that apparently can’t score, can’t defend and doesn’t give a shit has done enough to finish in the top 6, and had we shown a little more flexibility in the early part of this year could have quite easily finished in the top 2.

We are playing a side that is apparently in fantastic form, but which over 46 games has failed to catch us, and from memory hasn’t been above us in the league since the opening couple of weeks. What’s more, we have a manager who despite rotating and resting players whilst guiding a squad through 10 relatively meaningless games has gained 19 points... a total that would likely see us promoted in many seasons.

The next 4 games are an absolute fucking lottery, and when I look at Villa’s side there are 2, maybe 3 players I’d take ahead of ours.

Let’s cheer the fuck up and try and enjoy ourselves!
Great posts, both. Let's get positive, semi finals and a shot at Wembley, nothing to be downbeat about.

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