I have a few predictions for the top 10 of the premier league and who will get relegated and the teams that will go up from the championship. Some of them are bold but I just have a gut feeling and I personally don't think some of them are as shocking as they seem. 
Premier League: 
1.Man City
3. Arsenal
6.West Ham
8.Man United 
10. Wolves

Yes West Ham and Leicester in the Top 6, Leicester I think are a great well rounded team and won't be far away at all I think they can beat anyone, except Liverpool and Man City, on their day. West Ham have a great attack and look really promising at the start of the year their attack is better than Chelsea's hands down for me. 

18. Bournemouth 
19. Villa
20. Norwich 

Bournemouth have gone stale for me under Eddie Howe and I think their rivals have invested well or have a better manager which could make a difference. Villa have spent a lot of money and have a good manager but they have spent big money on rubbish and even against Spurs when they apparently played well spurs were completely all over them for most of the game and comfortably won. Norwich just haven't spent the money and seem fine with going down and getting the parachute payments and building their young squad and making money off sales from their young players. 

Going Up from the Championship: 
1. Fulham 
2. Albion 

Fulham have a good squad with a rookie manager but early signs are promising and as the season draws on they could become a real force. We look good organised and a well rounded team and I can see goals from across the team with potentially 6 players coming up with a number of goals. Brentford are my dark horse they have a great lineup that is solid all round with great attacking talent, they are so fun to watch and can hammer teams 4-0 or whatever when they click, its just about consistency for them.

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