Boris on drugs
(12-07-2021, 12:49 PM)Borin' Baggie Wrote:
(12-07-2021, 12:40 PM)Derek Hardballs Wrote: Which drugs are we talking about here? Crack, Heroin, Spice, Angel Dust (showing my age)?  I am always intrigued to read the argument for legalising all drugs by the same people who do not like paying taxes for public services. Who is going to mop up the mess left behind by those who get addicted to these drugs? Who is paying for the rehabilitation if they become addicted? Who is paying the social workers to look after kids that are being ignored because parents are too fecked to care? Who is stopping them break the law to feed an addiction? Who is paying for the health care?  You can argue that these things are happening now but will they given our unhealthy relationship with pretty much any drug be it legal or not see a reduction in drugs use?

As a nation we have a really problematic relationship with alcohol and recreational drugs any cursory knowledge / experience of going out at night to pretty much any town or city in the country on the weekend will show this. Just look at the state of the Euro's and England fans, hammered and coked up causing danger to themselves and everyone else around them. I don't believe giving the green light to legalisation will see any real positive difference in our behaviour as a nation and I cannot see consumption going down either, if anything I can see it going up. We don't do the civilised glass or two of wine with our meal well, what makes us think as a nation we are mature enough to take drugs responsibly?

The only benefit and it's a big one I agree is taking the production out of the hands of the gangs but they will find other things to do / sell, people to exploit, terrorise that aren't on the legal list.

People are going to take drugs regardless, heroin and coke being illegal hasn't stopped there use. Coke is arguably easier to get than a pack of fags. Legalising means to manage addiction (controlled doses to wean people off), decriminalising use of all drugs, safe consumption rooms, drugs testing etc would do a lot more good than what we've done over the last 70 years.


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