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Lopanivir Kaletra - DAVE - 03-26-2020

On trial. Unproven at this level.  


RE: Lopanivir Kaletra - MassDebater - 03-26-2020

What's s/he done to go on trial? Major crime or something minor?

Certainly got the current requirement for vowels in their name though.

RE: Lopanivir Kaletra - baggpuss - 03-26-2020

Bloody Hell - thought that was some new type of virus!!  Blush

RE: Lopanivir Kaletra - Pneumann - 03-26-2020

Utility player?

RE: Lopanivir Kaletra - Lightnin - 03-26-2020

If it AIDS the current situation I guess

RE: Lopanivir Kaletra - Swagbaggie - 03-26-2020

Not as a vaccine. As a treatment. Not feasible on massive scale IMO. No=one gets near a Doctor/Hospital unless serious. In serious cases contraction to death is too quick.

RE: Lopanivir Kaletra - Spandaubaggie - 03-26-2020

Might work alongside Zohore.

RE: Lopanivir Kaletra - HawkingsHalfpint - 03-27-2020

I thought all trialists were crap instead of A Trialist.