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Watford - denboy54693 - 04-15-2019

How did they get so much better than us?

RE: Watford - SW4Baggie - 04-15-2019

Owners with a plan, who’ve invested heavily into scouting and football infrastructure, and who have invested heavily into players.

Not rocket science...

RE: Watford - Cunninghamismagic - 04-15-2019

Changing managers each year hasn't done them much harm. Saying that... it only takes one bad year as ourselves and Stoke found our last season.

RE: Watford - Albion - 04-15-2019

(04-15-2019, 08:42 PM)denboy54693 Wrote: How did they get so much better than us?

Luke Dowling did a wonderful job there. Built the foundations for there success imo

RE: Watford - MGalea - 04-15-2019

Realised the other day that the bloke who got the Pozzos over here lived round the corner from me when I was growing up. Bastard!