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Yokuslu - SW4Baggie - 06-11-2021

Starting tonight for Turkey!

RE: Yokuslu - TartanRug - 06-11-2021

Sign 'im up Dekka/Appy/Lamps/Neil/Terry/Pardwank etc etc

RE: Yokuslu - Super_Slav - 06-11-2021

Interest from Leeds, Crystal Palace and surprisingly Manchester United. Had settled in Birmingham and was hoping Aston Villa showed interest. None atm.

RE: Yokuslu - Duffers - 06-11-2021

Got him lumped on for first booking.

RE: Yokuslu - Supamart - 06-11-2021

Such a shame we won’t at least get another season, but perfectly understandable.

RE: Yokuslu - Mickyfudge - 06-11-2021

Excellent player

RE: Yokuslu - Brentbaggie - 06-11-2021

Having a great game.

RE: Yokuslu - Duffers - 06-11-2021

It really wouldn’t shock me if Turkey nicked this with their only shot of the game.

RE: Yokuslu - Cunninghamismagic - 06-11-2021

This game right up his street. Constant Italian pressure.
Ironically he would be less effective for us in the Championship where we will largely be on the front foot.

RE: Yokuslu - Duffers - 06-11-2021

45 minutes of diving and moaning.

Turkey are 10/1 to nick it. They must have a shot sooner or later Shirley?