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The real cost of austerity
Save here, cost there.

Live broken in the process.
(10-11-2017, 06:31 PM)Heath Wrote: Save here, cost there.

Live broken in the process.

Broken UK
Record numbers of mental illness too
The Tories don give a fuck about it tho
THe Maybot keeps blathering on about mental health but refuses to see the link that her policies have directly led to the current state of affairs
As Loach says - deliberately cruel
A sad irony given it is apparently the party of 'small state'.
If the saying is true, a society will be judged / Tory Gov by on the basis of how it treats the weakest be they the young, elderly, homeless, mentally ill and particularly the disabled then this government and its supporters will be treated with disdain for generations to come. I work with quite a few of the aforementioned groups and I can tell you now they are struggling to cope with decreasing budgets and higher demand. Some of the decision making is simply appalling and it all stems from the dogmatic approach to austerity that this government has imposed and in some quarters I suspect relished.

Anyone who can justify cutting services to disabled schools for example and hides behind the need to bring the deficit down, whilst finding money to cling to power is a cowardly, uncaring amoeba of person.
What month will maybot resign- be forced out ?
Is this the virture signalling thread?

<logs off>
(10-12-2017, 01:12 PM)Protheroe Wrote: Is this the virture signalling thread?

<logs off>

Reality Proth, any defence of cutting budgets to schools with kids with severe disabilities? Did they cause the crash, do they need to tighten their belts through extravagant lifestyles, feigning disability? This isn't virtue signalling which in itself is a pretty wanky term.
The lives of kids being irrevocably damaged by the actions of the Govt is as far from that concept as can be.

It's amazing how stats become a nuisance when the discourse doesnt suit.

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