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Say higher taxes on wealthy wouldnt impact growth.

No doubt some experts on here will know better though.
Don't let the fact that the IMF is consistently wrong stop you Heath.

Or the fact that it's run by someone who would be in prison if she wasn't part of the global elite you profess to loathe.
I seem to hear from a lot of people who are consiatently wrong.

It doesnt seem to impact their own reflective processes either.
The IMF is consistently wrong. It's highly likely that it's wrong about this too.

I'm still tapping my fingers waiting for the recession the IMF said we'd be plunged into during 2017, though maybe I was giving them too much credit what with them having failed to predict the biggest financial crisis in modern history.

You'll have to forgive me Heath, if I take their politically-loaded pontifications with a handful of salt.

EDIT - and the 2017 house price crash they predicted, and the 2017 stock market crash they predicted (18/06/2016 in The Guardian)

EDIT 2 - last year the IMF was warning of a "global slowdown", this year global growth is "higher than expectations" apparently. No shit.
Well known for being Trotskyists that IMF lot....
(10-11-2017, 09:12 PM)Donegal Wrote: Well known for being Trotskyists that IMF lot....

No. Just for being consistently wrong. Why do some of you have turn everything into politics?


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