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What is the most positive thing the present goverment has achieved?
I doubt replies need to be anymore than a couple of sentences...
Keeping Corbyn out of power.
(10-09-2017, 08:24 AM)Protheroe Wrote: Keeping Corbyn out of power.

Arf, I think they are enabling him to have a chance of power.
I think seven and a bit years without acknowledging that anything is ever their responsibility - except perhaps May admitting that their election campaign didn't quite go according to plan - is some kind of achievement.

The inheritance from the previous government (although not their chums in 'The City'); the EU; the 'world economy'; the feckless poor; fraudulent claimers of benefit; single mothers on local authority housing lists... they've all had their moment under the microscope. They even managed to stigmatise people who had the audacity to have a spare bedroom; even if it did sometimes turn out to contain a dialysis machine.
There's been some success at bringing down the deficit rate but the deficit itself continue to rise.
Apart from that I'm struggling.

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