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PM May
Reminds me of Gordon Brown. Hard working but dour & not PM material. Today's speech summed up her time as PM.

Even the sign is telling her to F-off. And even Proth can laugh at that.
Big Grin
(10-04-2017, 01:42 PM)BoringBaggie Wrote: And even Proth can laugh at that.

Arf. There, did it.
I am sure some watching in the audience wanted to hold her throat, not in a supportive way given the state of
the party since she called it wrong at the election. Others better informed than me will have a better view, but 
just at this moment in time even steadying the ship and holding the line seems a task beyond her no matter how
she tries.

Worrying times, a leadership battle would be a car crash and the thought of Corbyn even having a sniff at power
would be a motorway pile up in comparison.
It was David Brent cringeworthy. I had to turn the car radio off three times, first because of the P45 prank by the deeply unfunny Lee Nelson and then the coughing episode that lasted a good ten mins. Little did I know the stage started to fall apart as well. Smile
I almost feel sorry for her now. How long can she limp on for?

If she goes in the short-term it will unleash the mother of all Brexit bloodbaths leadership contest.
Insult to Brown, that..he might be dour but he does have convictions and half a brain.
There is a big issue to this. Her under-performance could lead to the election of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Cuddly Uncle Corbyn on the outside. A dangerous Marxist on the inside.

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