Labour Party loses the election but wins the argument
So after a lost decade, the Tory's have finally realised that austerity is counter productive. Will it take them another 10 years to realise that Brexit is equally as stupid?

Today, we had a good budget all things considered but I'm not convinced that building roads and filling in potholes is about to create a northern economic boom. Hence, Labour will have an opportunity.

Also, why have we been building massive aircraft carriers etc. Instead of preparing for a virus such as this? This might not be the Tory's fault but neither was the Great Recession and Financial Crisis Labour's fault. However, the Tory's are guilty by association and may end up being punished as Labour did.
Why have they not been preparing for a virus that up until a couple of months ago didn’t exist?
(03-11-2020, 10:22 PM)Fido Wrote: Why have they not been preparing for a virus that up until a couple of months ago didn’t exist?

Not an unknown unknown though is it.
Ah, so like the Liberals in the early 1920s? I'm looking forward to the Labour party fading into irrelevance then as it tears itself apart and splits into two warring factions with one of those being absorbed into the Tories and the other limping on until 60 years later when the party that usurped them split in two and join them.
The tories are 5% up and labour down
(03-12-2020, 12:15 AM)The liquidator Wrote: The tories are 5% up and labour down

Of course they are. They are now implementing the optimal policy. Had Osborne and Cameron done the same they would both still be in power and we would not have had Brexit.
I doubt anybody has wanted - and continues to want - to see the back of the Tories more than I do. But Labour needs to learn that, while individual policies might sometimes play well on the doorstep, if they are then bundled together in a frankly unbelievable manifesto the outcome is what happened back in December.

There can be few things sound more inane than defeated politicians saying "People liked our policies but they just wouldn't vote for us"
It seems we are all adherents of Keynes now.

Small victories and that.
Small state, cuts to services ideals have led us back to spending big and relying on the state to keep business’s afloat when situations beyond one governments control develop. Imagine the carnage economically and socially if the state was as small and impotent as some want.
"Just empty the bins and leave us alone". That used to be one of those self-satisfied but meaningless one-liners trotted out by the fanatical small-staters.

Just think that through: strip away everything that can possibly be stripped away from public ownership and delivery and what are you left with? Obviously the answer is those things that can't, and have to remain under the jurisdiction of the state: the military; the police; the security and intelligence services. So, take the philosophy to its conclusion and what you end up with are state mechanisms whose primary functions are enforcement and control, and by then you've sleepwalked into Erich Honecker's East Germany.

Of course, they probably didn't mean it; it was just that they enjoyed saying stupid stuff out loud. Who knows?

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