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Mark Sampson
(09-14-2017, 02:31 PM)EFido Wrote:
(09-14-2017, 01:31 PM)Votebaggie Wrote: As far as I am aware there was a full FA investigation.  Given the sensitivities I reckon that if the investigation had of turned up anything at all he would be long gone.   The FA would be dead if anyone could demonstrate evidence of institutionalised racism.  Again speculation on my part but it looks like the player is trying to find reasons for being dropped and is playing the race card.   Everyone, the coaches, the players the FA see this for what it is and while they have to tread v v carefully they are standing by the manager.

This is, of course, a possible scenario and maybe even likely. But he was quizzed as to what he thought of her and said he'd respected what she said. Now, if someone had lied about me and they had no foundation for it I'd have probably alluded to that, without character assassination.

Or you go for the moral high ground and say it is such a preposterous allegation that you are not even going to dignify it with a response m'lud.
And so it continues ............

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