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Copied from Sid's post in 2013

Chris Gibbons was a poster on the original Albion Message Board and posted under the name SambaApe

Chris died in December 2006.

He was a young lad who lived in the Lake District and died in a car crash. When a family friend posted on the site that SambaApe had died, his last post on the site was tracked down and became a memorial. The posts from the original site are reproduced below.

The thread had 1517 replies in December 2007 when the new site launched. I have yet to retrieve the messages from the last site, but know that by closure on 1st July 2009 there were over 2,700 replies. I shall continue to try and retrieve those messages.

Sadly those threads also included messages for other lost Baggies like onecantello. RIP all our lost friends...

The original post looked like this:

Read more:

As we seem to have lost the other thread & the archived thread only goes to 2016

I'm starting another new thread & guessing we were  up to  


I'm happy to amend that if anyone thinks different   Cool
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Bump up for Samba Chris, and all other dearly departed Baggies.
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