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Football fans united
Justice for the 96
Excellent news

Another Thatcher cover-up blown to pieces...
(04-26-2016, 10:21 AM)wba_go_boing Wrote: Justice for the 96

Cause? Cause? Effect!!
Brilliant news.

Fantastic to see ordinary people working together to uncover so many years of establishment corruption.

Great news for all football fans and especially the families of the deceased.

Absolutely disgusting the lengths the state will go to in order to cover up wrong doing.
great news for the families.

finally lays to rest the accusations of the behaviour of the fans contributing to the disaster.
Solly will be pleased.
(04-26-2016, 12:00 PM)King Astle Wrote: Solly will be pleased.

We should all be pleased.

It's a national shame that it has taken 27 years.
I was 18 when Hillsborough happened and watched it unfold on television in horror. It has always deeply affected me because those people who died could have been any of us. If events had conspired differently, football fans of any colour could have been innocently killed that day due to the incompetence of the authorities.

Imagine how you'd cope with the grief of knowing a loved one had literally had the life squeezed out of them just for attending a football match. I have no idea how you could ever reconcile what happened. And for the establishment to then protect itself by lying, covering up and blaming you for your loss, well, it's beyond despicable. It's a disgrace.

Many more lives than the 96 who died at Hillsborough were ended that day and I now hope those who lied are held fully accountable and we see significant jail sentences. There are a few on here who will always blame Liverpool fans, disingenuously refer to Heysel and revel in the 'Candle Lighters' nickname. All I'll say is that if we as a football club ever go through anything as traumatic as what happened on that day, I hope the fans of other clubs would offer support, understanding and stand side by side with us. I have no affinity for Liverpool FC in any way whatsoever, but I will stand with them on this and am not ashamed to say I shed a few tears for the families as the verdicts were announced.

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