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Stoke Funny
(08-12-2017, 10:41 PM)TheOddOne Wrote: Wow and I thought i was negative towards Rondon..

"Lone striker or not he just looks shit."

"He is shite. We looked far livelier when Crouch came on. Berahino is useless. Full stop. 0 goals in 42"

"He’s wank. Yet another that Hughes has pissed good money away on."

"Proper shit.

Proper proper dog shit."

And that is just page 1

Most criticism seems to be of the way Hughes is using him.
He's fit and should be playing for them.

They owe him £20m whatever happens! Are!
Hughes looks fairly clueless at the moment.
Great to see them struggle !
(08-13-2017, 06:39 AM)Sol_9_Rondon Wrote: Had one good season and he thought he made it.

I must've missed that?
He'll never be a loan striker as long as he's got his Nando's loyalty card

They've also signed another striker today, decent one at that, Hughes's scattergun approach could come back to bite him on the proverbial arse the way he's going, no idea of his best side

(08-14-2017, 11:29 AM)Cuzer14 Wrote: He'll never be a loan striker as long as he's got his Nando's loyalty card

A frankly remarkable fact from F365's Losers Of The Week column:

Stoke City
Had their first shot on target after 92 minutes and 39 seconds of the match. Stoke have won three league games since February, and two of those were against teams now in the Championship.
I wonder if he actually regrets his actions now as he surely sees his career has nosedived since he started being a little shit.
Perhaps not - he's earning a wedge of cash and probably that's all he gives a crap about.
He'll be in the papers again soon, you can bet your bottom dollar on it. Not the back pages either.

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