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Post 4 - reality sinks in
I have spent 5 years loving looking at the cunts on that bored. Fuckin lovely. Here's to 5 more!

  • Actually even worse by one first half goal than my doom and gloom prediction yesterday. We're not going up are we?
They should bring back Tactics Tim. He's the man to save them.
To be fair, some of their gallows humour on there over the last few seasons has had me in bits. Still a lot of deluded weemabigclub stuff on there too though
Reply #24   by Chris Jameson on 12 Aug, 2017 16:57
The fact Hutton and Agbonlahor are starters should be reason enough to sack him. Signing John Terry should also be a sackable offence.

Arf!  Big Grin

In the words of Alan Partridge "lovely stuff".
And long may it continue
There's still a hint of delusion in there...

Perhaps it's just that bog-standard, meat-and-two-veg football can't work at a club with this purchasing power (relative to the division) and these expectations.
Fella on the WM phone in said that it's '...the weight of the shirt. The club is too big for them'.
This is gold:

We're the Sidney Sideparting of this division. Still wearing his public school blazer despite being dumped in the local comprehensive because his dad's money has ran out.

"I really shouldn't be here," we mutter to ourselves, as the local plebs queue up to introduce us to the blue goldfish.

Kudos to Cardiff for being the latest side to make us look third rate. But when titans such as Colchester and Luton Town have been there before you, maybe it's not too much to cream yerselves over.
(08-12-2017, 09:31 PM)Arti Wrote: Fella on the WM phone in said that it's '...the weight of the shirt.  The club is too big for them'.

Another said "Villa are too big a club for Bruce" Fucking deluded or what?
Can't believe the arrogantdeludedfisheatingsealcunts are calling for Bruces' head - and many squaring blame directly at him. Surely they should have a ounce of sense between them and realise Bruce is probably the best manager for them.

Apologies, but I had to share this one with you as it did make me laugh into my breakfast.

"Reply #60 by eamonn on 12 Aug, 2017 17:16
The Cardiff lad who scored two of their goals is a Villa fan, apparently. Funny fucking way of showing it."

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