Overperforming before or underperforming now?
Its starting to really remind me of the Talbot season that we went top at Xmas, lost a couple of key players to injury and went to pot, finishing 7th. Im not suggesting itll turn out that bad but even taking the loss of Grady, Ferguson and Gibbs into account, the drop off has been unfathomably bad. Lets hope they find some bottle quickly.
It’s a bit of both. People were certainly getting carried away with talk of record points totals a couple of months ago but similarly, and despite the recent slump, we’re not as bad as some are making out either. I think playing a large number of games in December/January hasn’t helped in terms of injuries, fatigue and loss of form.

I honestly believe though that we just need to scrabble a win from somewhere to get the belief flowing again and we can push on once more.
In truth I don’t think we were ever 11 points better than anyone else,quite a few of the away wins could have gone either way.we seem to play without any tempo starting games very slowly
Definitely a bit of both. For a while we change our style from last season and had a cracking plan A that was so difficult to deal with. Now teams know how we play and there's no effective plan b. Let's hope we find one soon. However, confidence also plays a part.
(01-21-2020, 09:05 AM)Sliced Wrote: Definitely a bit of both. For a while we change our style from last season and had a cracking plan A that was so difficult to deal with. Now teams know how we play and there's no effective plan b. Let's hope we find one soon. However, confidence also plays a part.

Accurate summary. Everything good up to Swansea was going through Pereira. If teams managed to contain him we had Grady as an out ball and an in form Phillips.

Teams now crowd out and tactically foul Pereira. Added to that we've lost Grady and Phillips is having his annual dip in form. 

It would appear that we haven't yet worked out what to do now. Imo we need to bring in a quality left winger to replace Grady and a quick centre forward so we can turn teams around if needed.
We've carried on playing as we always have and teams have got wise to us since probably Wigan away. We were always taking touches but now we can't take them because we get harried as soon as we get in to the opponents half. I lose count of the times I see Sawyers going backwards now compared to the start of the season when he'd try the defence splitting pass. If we're going to start moving the ball and taking players out we need players to take people on to create space and the only one we've capable of doing that is man marked every game, its hurting us especially whilst Diangana is injured. Phillips tried last night to beat his man and did a few times but it only results in a cross every time rather than trying to cut in. Edwards is quick enough and skillful enough to do it but lacks that bit of final quality. A real conundrum of who he pick without key players.
Some good points here and, unfortunately, it seems a combination of things which is never easy to rectify.
Really think we need a couple of first team signings to freshen up the team for the tough run in.
A lot of our easier games ( on paper!) seemed to have been and gone and we have struggled.
I really think we can turn it around but just need that confidence boosting win to get back on track.
It also reminds me a bit of the RDM collapse when he just couldn’t do anything to reverse the decline.
Slav also had a very poor run at the end of his West Ham tenure; hoping he’s learnt from that.
We need a player that runs into space, livermore picks the ball up in the second half, acres of space in front of him and he passes out wide, not much of a problem with that but it doesn't draw players away from your wingers or panic their defence.

 second half, edge of area he could have had a shot but passes sideways. 

No offence to Livermore but he isn't that sort of player.
Teams double up on Pereira, leaving us more space to exploit with Grady and Phillips, but with no Grady and Philips in a shit run of form we cannot exploit the extra space we have effectively. We need to purchase someone to replace Grady, maybe someone to keep Philips on his toes, and a striker. 15 shots last night and only 2 on target! That's woeful.
Some good points here although the lack of a Gibbs and a Grady are key and this is what we all see.  It's a hell of a loss from the left. Grady has that ability to beat 2 men in a tight space, that alone causes chaos and cripples defences. Phillips has been off form but with no threat to defend on the left, he is simply given less room.  Livermore getting plenty of criticism but he was another crowded out. He was having his pockets picked from the off. This is where we should be giving Stoke some credit. Hegazi has had pelters on here but other than the goal, early doors, he settled in well.  Brunty did do well, (IMO), despite plenty saying otherwise. Although he replaced a full back he was really playing wide midfield as Stoke weren't coming out.  Stoke sitting deep was the issue, there was no space into which to put a through ball. I'd say we had a lot of players working hard but getting nowhere, (Pereira, Livermore, Sawyers, Kanu), and a few that just played poorly, I won't bother naming them.  As we all realise, the first sub was a huge mistake and once Kanu was off, the game drifted away.
Is this underachieving?   Yes.     Can we overcome it?   Now, yes.  But the longer it goes on, the more difficult it gets. Even the mighty Dings had a wobble in their wonderful season. It's how quick you get over it (or not) that counts.

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