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GoT - not a spoiler
(07-18-2017, 06:00 AM)Arti Wrote: Damn, of course, him and fire. Stupid to forget.

Yeah, I reckon Tyrion is Targaeryan, and one of the three dragon-riders. They didn't burn him when they were chained up and he went down to their cell a while back. Could have the blood of the dragon the same as Dany.

Hadn't given Sansa a thought being pregnant. Unsure of how long ago the battle was in context, let alone last time he raped her.

This is a pretty well regarded fan theory that Daenarys, Jon and Tyrian are the three dragon riders.

If you wanna have a look at a load of fan theories explained, search on YouTube for Alt Shift X - he makes some great videos around these kind of things.
Just read this on MSN (via The Mirror):

Game of Thrones has returned to our screens. Season seven is, finally, underway, and fans are in raptures. Never mind Ed Sheeran's cameo.

As expected, people have been discussing the first episode, Dragonstone, since it aired on Monday. Speculation is rife as to where the penultimate series will go, and what clues might have been left.

One interesting fan theory purports to identify just how Cersei will die. But what was the big hint that they think the Game of Thrones producers left for them? 

The possible clue popped up, according to die-hard fans, in the scene in which Sam supposedly stumbled upon the secret to defeating the White Walkers, and a hint emerged that Dany is destined to take back Westeros.

It took place in the map room in King's Landing. Fans predict the end of the Mad Queen thanks to a flashback which took place in series five. It recalled a scene that saw a young Cersei visit a fortune teller called Maggy the Frog to ask whether she'll be queen.

Maggy the Frog says yes, she will, but that she'll lose her children early. But in the book, an alternate, chilling prophecy is written: that Cersei will die at the hands of the 'valonqar', which means 'little brother' in Thrones language.

Cersei is warned that he'll wrap his hands around her "pale white throat" and that she'll be killed. You might worry that the scheming Tyrion would be the one to end her. But actually, it is apparently more likely to be her twin, Jaime.

It's in the latest episode that people think the hint has been left. We see Cersei and Jaime chatting on the newly painted map in their castle.

Cersei can be seen standing on an area of Westeros known as "the neck", while Jaime is stood on a region called "the fingers".

Idle speculation or 'easter egg'?
I took "pale white throat" to be a reference to the Walkers, maybe she ends up becoming the Night's Queen somehow?

I could of course be barking up a completely wrong tree.
My money is on Jaime but he also needs to die for what he did to Bran, though he'll die a hero fighting alongside Tyrion, I bet.

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