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Low Wage Growth + Wealth Inequality = Corbyn Surge
(07-12-2017, 03:07 PM)Heath Wrote: the election showed that people have grown tired of nothing else of merit being the focus of media and politicians.

I agree with you completley on that point. The absence any positive message from the Tories being the gaping void.
This is a truly appalling illustration of the "Property Owning Democracy" in reverse. It also shows how suppressed interest rates have crowded out the young from being able to buy a home. No wonder they feel capitalism doesn't work for them, particularly when government and the BoE manipulate the market as much as they do.

I suspect this is at the heart of the Tories failure to win any age group under 45. Unless they reverse it, they're toast.

[Image: DE38jL9WsAIbPyd.jpg:large]
Surprised it's 35% tbh
Where do you think UK interest rate should be Proth?
I think an interest rate of between 6-7% would be about right
Would release a lot of buy to let immediately
After suppressing interest rates and encouraging credit growth and inflation for 10 years (FFS) any upward movement will leave casualties. The alternative is a massacre of aspiration.

Long term interest rates between 4-6% are normal. You can't go there immediately, but the trend should be clear. Govt should also nudge people to long term mortgage fixes on the way to give a degree of certainty. It's harsh to say it, but if you can't afford for interest rates to return to normality you really have no business borrowing money at all - despite the govt / BoE virtually giving it away.

<Dons Tin Hat>
Absolutely. I can't see that that is a controversial view (as a boring fecker who only buys tack when I've the money for it)
UK is living in another government/BOE Manufactured credit bubble and that bubble will bost before long
And we all know what happens to people's lives when that happens
It's a story as old as the South Sea bubble....
Property, bonds & stocks are all in bubble territory now.

The only things that aren't? Gold, and even more so - silver. Fill your boots.

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