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What kind of politician
(07-05-2017, 05:45 AM)Montserratbaggie Wrote: True enough. But why the cheering?

Because the cynically opportunistic opposition amendment was defeated.

There will by far more of this behaviour. Corbyn & McDonnell's politics are about campaigning & protest to create a narrative. They're not concerned with Parliamentary procedure nor the nuances of when you set budgets and when you don't. They're being rather succesful at creating outrage as is evident here.

It's a pity the Tories don't shout a little more about virtually doubling the basic-rate tax allowance since 2010. Net pay is not just a product of how much you're paid but how much you're taxed. You can earn £5025 more in 2017 before tax than you could in 2010. That in itself is an increase in take home pay of £1000. At the same time fiscal drag has taken far more people into the 40% tax band - which is just the sort of progressive politics I thought you'd approve of.

I don't dispute that most people (rightly) feel  that they deserve a pay rise after stagnation for a decade. This is the price you pay for full employment, underwritten by historically low interest rates supporting credit creation, zombie property loans and even more zombie companies. It's the price we all pay for the greatest transfer of wealth from the poorest / youngest to the elderly / richest by Gordon Brown in 2008 and perpetuated by the idiot Osborne / Carney.

Cut through all the guff and it's still all about debt and the deficit - as it has been for a decade and probably will be for the next couple of decades. You reap what you sow and no politician in a position of power is brave enough to tell you the truth, or indeed do anything about it.

(07-05-2017, 09:19 AM)wba13 Wrote: The Tories were cheering because they new if they gave the public sector the chance to have a bigger rise it would mean less for there pocket`s ,so they won the vote to MAKE THE RICH EVEN RICHER things will never change while we have a rich man`s government and a big north south divide.
                            GET LABOUR BACK IN POWER

So rather than a "Rich Man's government" you'd rather be led by a prep-school millionairre who's never done a job oustide politics in his life, got 2 'E's at A Level, failed to complete a degree in Trade Union Studies after arguing with Polytechnic lecturers about the curriculum and wrote Tony Benn's strategy for making British Leyland a workers co-operative?

I won't even bother going on about the IRA, his championing of Hugo Chavez whose policies have turned Venezuela from the richest country in South America to the poorest and most lawless or the money he's taken from Iran and Russian for work on propaganda news channels.

Give me a strong & stable Rich Man's Government any day. To borrow a phrase from Remain "They didn't know what they were voting for"......

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