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15 years ago today
2.0 win over Palace saw us promoted back to the top flight.
Sad ironythat a player who, inadvertently, helped that process (Ugo's huge sell on fee helping Meggo rebuild the Albion side) has just passed away.
True CIM. I've done a thread on the anniversary. To be honest, never knew Ehiogu's part in it all as much as today.I'd just thought we'dbeen robbed by Villa, but seems we did OK out of it all.
For all the great work he did, Megson did strike lucky with funds other managers never had a Albion. The Ugo money. Also the £4.3M received from Juve for Maresca in 2000. Allowed us to buy the likes of Roberts for £2M which would have been well out of our reach 12 months before.

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