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Ugo Ehiogu
Still recall Ugo making his first appearance  for us in a pre-season friendly at the Victoria ground , Stoke . Came on as substitute quite early in  the game . Got a few welcoming chants in his direction from us though nobody had much of a clue how to pronounce his name .  He seemed to appreciate this nonetheless .

Good solid player and pro taken way way too young .
Rip big fella.

Always came across as a top bloke. No age at all. So sad.
Terrible news. RIP Ugo.

Remember meeting him once about 20 years ago in Liberty's on the Hagley Road, seemed like a really nice guy.
Awful. RIP
Dreadful news.
Echo everyone else's comments.
Scary when you think of someone that age who kept himself fit going like that
My dutch colleague says that have a saying that sport is good for your health but professional sport is bad for you.

Terribly sad and spooky that it coniced with our promotion anniversary, that he no doubt had a contribution towards.
the lords my shepherd i'll not want 
he takes me down to lye
in pastures green
he leadeth me 
the quiet waters by
He was a player I always rated. Deserved to play for his country much more than he did. 

Very sad news.

Awful news. Much like many of that kind of age makes you realise how fickle life can be.

Let's hope all marks of respect are adhered to on Sunday and that his young family get all the help and support they need.

Pat Murphy deserves absolute pelters for what he said, to get that so wrong is an insult.

I have vague memories of him playing a few games in midfield for us. The sell-on clause certainly helped us rebuild the club and is directly linked to our promotion back to top flight football.
My opinion matters
Really awful news RIP

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