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Happy St Gary's Day
First game was the 2-0 against Palace. Don't remember much but I do remember Bob Taylor's celebration as me and my dad were in the lower part of the Brummie Road.
(04-21-2017, 11:17 AM)CA Baggie Wrote: I cried as a young kid in '82 at Highbury, it was simply not feasible we couldn't beat second division QPR;
I cried at Twerton Park in '91 as a teenager in the realisation that we really were shit and 100+ years of history had just been undone; and
I cried 15 years ago today - All those years of utter shit were laid to rest, and to top it off we'd overhauled those bastards that bricked us at HT in '91, that had us locked in until 6pm in '94 and the years of them continually throwing cups of piss, hot coffee and opened topped pies down from above.

The only time I can ever imagine the Albion doing that to me again is during "Abide with Me" at the FA Cup final.

Forgot Mulumbu's goal to beat the Villa with 10 men, brought a tear to the eye but not streaming like those above, as did OT in 2002/03 our first game back.

If there was a like button, I'd press it.

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