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Goosebumps moments with Albion...
(04-22-2017, 07:42 AM)aj21 Wrote: Palace game without a doubt. We always talk about Bradford but that Palace game was bloody nerve wracking. When Bob scored, it was just insane. Utter relief and joy. Megson is a bloody legend, sad that he isn't involved with the club in some capacity as he has to be one of the biggest club legends.

It would be really nice to get the players back for a reunion.  Not sure some of them would share a pitch with Meggo sso may have to do something separately for him! The club needs to show it is aware of and proud of its history and the rebirth under Megson is arguably the most important episode in our history since 1919/20.
(04-22-2017, 12:54 AM)Statto Wrote:
(04-21-2017, 01:35 PM)cunninghamismagic Wrote: Putting five past Man U at Old Trafford
Going top of the league at Norwich in 1979
3 goals in last 7 mins to beat Villa in 1984
Late Goodman goal to beat relegation rivals Leicester 1991.
Swansea play off SF & the Port Vale win at Wembley
Final day win at Pompey to keep us up.
Bradford away, Palace at home 2002
Sunderland away 2004
Robbo equaliser at Villa
Pompey Great Escapae Day
Play off SF win vs the Dings
Saints at home 2008
Mulumbu winner against the Villa

Said it before, but that Goodman goal v Leicester was one of the most mental celebrations ever.

At the original Pompey Great Escape, I was in the ground very early and was in the terrace under the main stand. The open terrace behind the goal filled from the back and each time Baggies appeared over the threshold of the next empty section, the roar got louder. When they pushed the Pompey fans back, the whole thing erupted. Being there to witness the full crescendo was truly amazing, and will never be seen again.

I agree with that, the BRE went crazy against Leciester. Bizarrely I don't think I have celebrated as goal as much.

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