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(09-05-2019, 09:01 AM)John Osborne’s Knuckle Wrote: B1, I know we don’t agree, fundamentally, but I do appreciate that you do talk sensibly. Without the antagonistic bile that some use. I can agree with some of what you say here but As regards not running a state the same as a PLC...  The Kennedy intransigent stand off with Khrushchev eventually produced an agreement acceptable to both sides.

That was one hell of a gamble though JOK, and in fairness, thankfully, we aren't at that level of risk even with a no deal Brexit.

Fair enough on the analogy - the issue I have with this 'we'll show em' stance is that if we do walk away we take a bigger hit. They know that, and if they know that what is the threat? I heard somebody on the radio this morning saying that we wouldn't pay them the exit bill and used the car showroom analogy - the message that isn't getting through is that the exit bill is not based on a made up figure, it's based on our share of what we have agreed to whilst members. We have to pay it if we want to deal with the EU fairly going forward with a basis of trust that we will meet any (future) agreed commitments.

My point, through all of the waffle, is that we have to deal with them going forward so why would we piss them off now. 

The backstop, or as it has been renamed 'the anti-democratic backstop', is an insurance policy whilst Boris implements one of his many solutions to the problem. It's a short term solution to a problem that should have been identified and worked on 3 years ago. It is incredulous the very thing that the right used to scupper a deal has now become the issue that will trap them into either a deal they have said they can't agree to or remaining entirely. That sums up how thick they are, or how they thought their bully boy tactics would work - they are not banning ugly kids from the 6th form common room any more, they are banning dyed in the wool Tories from the very party the represent.

The only hope I have now is that this will result in a centrist party emerging of Change, the 21, some Lib Dems and some of the Labour 'right'.

Even I've given up on us remaining, but it's clear the easiest way of getting through this impasse is another referendum with better structured questions.
(09-05-2019, 08:24 AM)John Osborne’s Knuckle Wrote:
(09-05-2019, 07:31 AM)Derek Hardballs Wrote: Hang on I dislike both main leaders and frankly the Conservatives are now the Brexit / UKIP / National Party. However many MPs have fallen on their sword for ‘the people’ and they are getting called traitors, quislings and surrenders (there’s those apparently none existent war references again) by idiots. 
Yep, mostly made by you!

Little lexical lesson for you. The word ‘Traitor ‘ as been around for centuries.

You know those words are used constantly on social media, radio to describe those politicians who voted with integrity. Btw stop trying to pretend that references to the war are not constantly used by Brexiteers in the same way the daft use of the words dictator and coup on the other. Brexiteers have no high moral ground. It’s everything to do with context and Boris is trying to depict himself as the man of the yawn people against the tyranny of the EU and parliament. It’s transparent tactic by Boris ahem I mean Cummings.
(09-05-2019, 07:05 AM)John Osborne’s Knuckle Wrote:
(09-04-2019, 09:24 PM)TETLEY74 Wrote: So what now? We can't leave without a deal but every deal put forward thus far parliament has voted down, now with out only bargain chip gone(albeit a very weak one) there's no way Brussels will improve on mays last deal which Parliament voted down so what exactly do they fuggin want! One mp Jess Philips(I think) said live in the debate she would never ever vote for anything put forward by this government true colours showing through, now we can't even have an election so we now are pretty much ungovernable at the moment, the whole house of commons wether Pro brexit or Pro remain are nothing short of a self serving, arrogant, lying, two faced treacherous bunch of C**ts. God fuggin help us.

Hear, hear.

(09-05-2019, 06:26 AM)QSpandaubaggie Wrote: When we have an ego centric lying philanderer as PM it says more of the morals of the people.

Whoever wins the next election we will have a “lying philanderer” as PM. One is an out of touch toff and egotist the other is an anti British Marxist.
Like Tetley said, “God fuggin help us”.

Swinson has a nice rack.
She's annoying as fugg though.

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