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(04-13-2017, 06:09 AM)Donegal Wrote: Amongst all the mewling, puking, hot air, bullshit and agendas this is the first sensible thing I have seen

Let's look at the F A C T S

#TopTrolling Donegal. Citing a letter signed by Jackie 'Jew Baiter' Walker....
(04-08-2017, 04:41 PM)Shabby Russian Wrote: Nothing is more fraught with danger than a discussion on Israel.

Too many people are called anti semitic when they are just being critical of the Israelli Govt.

Too many anti semites hide behind the claim of just being anti Zionist.

The truth is that Israel are surrounded by enemies, many who wish for Israel not to exist. To counter this the Israeli Govt have adopted some strategies which in my view are in the long term counter productive and plain wrong. For example there was very little justification to the high loss of civilian life in the Gaza strip during the last outbreak of fighting in 2012(?).

Comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany are seriously misjudged. But it should be possible to be able to make criticism of the Israelli Govt without being called anti semitic.
Excellent post Shabby. I'd also add that often people who start with legitimate concerns about Israeli policies often get dragged into an anti Semitic thought pattern.

Long live the women in black

But, of course, it's a beacon

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