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69% of the UK thinks Brexit should go ahead
69% can be meaningless if folk like  Pulis are in the other 31%  !!!!!!!!!
(04-04-2017, 11:26 AM)Protheroe Wrote:
(04-04-2017, 07:46 AM)Derek Hardballs Wrote: My guess is hardliners like Mogg etc will never be satisfied with any negotiations unless they see a return to the make believe 1950s then again in his case I suspect more like the 1850s.

I fail to see how any of this is "hardline", nor how it is in some way a return to the 2000s let alone the "make believe 1950s".

Jacob Rees Mogg is one of the most erudite MPs of the age. That he speaks with a plum in his mouth makes him as much of an upper class twat as it makes someone with, say,  a Black Country accent an uneducated fool. Let me know which bits of that article you disagree with when you get a moment.

Just the same old trite remainer nonsense. Who'd expect any different from Del Boy?

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